Kokpar is a symbiosis of horse racing, wrestling and games. Horsemen are fighting for the goat carcass – you need to take possession of the goat carcass, get with it a few kilometers to a indicated place, for example, your village, after that the opponents no longer have the right to fight for it. In the modern sports Kokpar, it is necessary to get the carcass, hold it and throw it into the “Kazandyk” (gate) of the opposing team. Currently there are both options.

Game history

Kokpar (Kokbori, Buzkachi ..) has been known since ancient times as the national game of the Kazakhs and other peoples of Central Asia. Initially, the fight for the goat’s carcass was not only a game, but also a kind of preparation and test for future warriors. The young warriors developed skills of fight on horses, their control in extreme conditions of the real fight. Until now, as before, hundreds of horsemen and even thousands can participate in an aul (village) game, and such  competition lasts a whole day. And now Kokpar continues to be a constant attribute of all popular rural holidays in Kazakhstan.

The folk rules of the Kokpar game, when many horsemen from different auls fought for the goat’s carcass and a group of fellow countrymen at full speed, fighting off rivals, took the prize to their village, is still preserved and held on major holidays.

Now the development has received sports Kokpar. In the sports Kokpar -JKL (Zhastar Kokpar League) take part teams, which include 3 field players. Kokpar is a very tough game! Try riding on a horse to take away from another rider, and then gallop on to hold the carcass of a goat weighing up to 25 kg, when hot horses and people are pushing at you. But you also need to control the horse and not fall to the ground.

The game takes place on a field measuring 200 by 80 meters. Two gates are installed on the field in the form of a cauldron — Kazandyk, where goals are scored with a model of goat carcass. Kazandyk is a circular structure (a fabric cover filled with hay bales, to reduce injury risk) with a height of 1 m 20 cm, a diameter of 4 meters and a depth of 50 cm. The game is played two times of 15 minutes with a break of 10 minutes. After the goal, the game starts again from the center of the field. The game is judjed by a horse referee.

An important feature of Kokpar is that only stallions and geldings of the national breed Karabair participate in the game, mares are not traditionally involved. But not every horse can become a real Kokpare player. It is necessary to find strong stallions with a stable psyche and a bright temperament. The same can be said about the horse riders.

 Kokpar is game for strong and tough.

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