Daniyar Daukey

Daniyar Daukey is born in Simipalatinsk (Republic of Kazakhstan) in 22 may 1974. Education-Bachelor (1999 y.) and master of business administartion (2002 y.)  University of Westminster.  London, UK.

             Main ocupation – he is an owner of stud farm and he is horse farmer of kazakh national breeds, named Karabair.  Also he is the President of the National Kokpar Youth Sports League, the owner of a sports club for training game Kokpar “Daukey Aueleti”, the owner of hunting area for national horse hunt with birds of prey and national dog breedsTazy and tobet. 

  Hobies – Tobet’s breeding (kazakh wolfhound), breeding of kazakh national horses – Karabair, horse riding, horse hunting with birds of prey and dogs, cars, photography and filmmaking.

 The priorities are the revival of the national culture, language and traditions of the Kazakhs, including the aboriginal breed of dogs – Tobets (Kazakh wolfhounds, registered in the former USSR as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog), popularization of national types of horse hunting with national breeds of dogs and birds of prey.


  • a Tobet-Kazaki It breeding nursery has been created, numbering about 100 heads, the best and most numerous in Kazakhstan and the countries of the former USSR, an exhibition of photographs was held in Brussels with the participation of Prince Laurent;
  • the hunting area for teaching birds of prey has been created, one of the golden eagles of which, won the title of champion of Kazakhstan, and the berkutchi (hunter with golden eagle) participated in the opening of the hunting season and the show in Fontainebloo (France) and in the first international conference of Falconia and took first place in London.
  • A National Kokpar Youth Sports League and sports club for training game Kokpar “Daukey Aueleti” has been created.
  • The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan was enacted, legalizing the Tazy and Tobet national breeds of dogs, stamps and the Tobet national coin were issued, and amendments to the Law were adopted establishing the status of national hunting with birds of prey and national breeds of dogs.

He speaks Kazakh, Russian, and English. Married, wife Aigul, children – Aya, Alsu, Karina, Lola. Mustafa, Kumis

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